First Day of Virtual Practice Highland Park Nordic

I think we were making lemonade today. No team practice allowed. We get it. Might not be excited about it, but going to make the best of it. Today we started “virtual” practice. A few folks wanted to know what it looked it, here you go.

We’ve got four pods of skiers. Each pod has a coach or two and 25 to 35 skiers. Each pod has a Strava Club and a workout plan for the week. The skiers get the work done on their own (unless your dad is your coach and you don’t hide his rollerskis). Twice a week we have virtual strength and do a Klaebo 30 min bodyweight workout.

Tuesday is technique day, watch a few technique videos and maybe even take a quiz (can’t get enough of online schooling). On Wednesday we’ll do a virtual team trial on the Strava segment “Hidden Falls Delight“. The skiers, parents, siblings and maybe a few random strangers will run the course between 6:00 am and 5:00 pm and submit their times. Thursday is our bounding day this week. This workout is usually a killer.

Right now it is mostly running and roller skiing. We should be on snow in a week or two. If you get out to River Road in the afternoon it is pretty easy to spot a roller skier. Lots of them out this time of year.

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